Touché Mayor DeBlasio; NYC Police Union Sends a Message to The Mayor

Dis us if you will, but don’t bother coming to our funerals, is the message the New York City Police Union sent loud and clear to Mayor DeBlasio.

“If he doesn’t respect us in life, why should we have him respect us in the time of our death?”

I admit to taking some heat for my last post regarding excessive use of force and police brutality in the Eric Garner case, but I agree whole-heartedly with the NYPD policemen and women who are reacting to DeBlasio’s offensive stance and rhetoric about having to coach his son about the dangers of “being stopped while black” in New York City. DeBlasio in my opinion leans a little too far to the side of Eric Holder, NObama and Al -not-so Sharpton in ginning up the race thing in the way white police officers do their job.

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