Let’s Quit With The Recycled Dynasty Candidates

Apparently Jeb Bush is throwing his hat into the 2016 presidential ring. Big surprise? NO, but personally, I’ve got Bush and Clinton fatigue. Why do we have to keep churning through the same few people for our leaders? Why does either the Democratic party or the GOP think these two candidates are the best out there among millions of people? I don’t get it and don’t want another Bush or Clinton in the White House in 2016.

Jeb Bush is a nice enough guy and I believe he does have some accomplishments under his belt as governor of Florida, but he’s all in on immigration and he has been pushing federal control of our schools through Common Core. Those 2 items alone ~even if he weren’t the third Bush presidential candidate, should give pause to anyone who would vote in 2016.

Killary Clinton has a pitiful curriculum vitae. Tell me one thing she accomplished in the Senate. I thought so, you cannot. Tell me some of her great achievements as Secretary of State. Don’t forget as first lady she crafted the 1st failed healthcare scam. She lied and botched her way around the Benghazi Embassy attacks and is still lying about that today. Okay, one thing she’s done, she became a grandmother to Charlotte. Another in the Clinton dynasty?

And don’t forget about all the damage & theft from White House as they left at the end of Bill’s reign. We just do not need either of these two people leading our country going forward.

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