Is The Cuba Deal a Prelude to Closing Gitmo?

Don’t forget, closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay was one of NObama’s first promises after he took office in 2009. And remember the talks between Pope Francis and NObama back in March ~because our president reveres Christian figures worldwide, oh no maybe not. But according to World Net Daily negotiations between Cuba and the White House were already underway by the time of this meeting at the Vatican, and Pope Francis is said to have participated in meetings between U.S. & Cuban delegations in which normalization was discussed.

Executive orderThe great negotiator, John Kerry as recently as a few days ago was meeting with the Vatican secretary, Pietro Parolin who has offered to assist U.S. efforts to close Guantanamo Naval Station. This could actually have been the main reason for reaching out to Cuba. That and of course, cozying up to dictators which Obama is so good at. And hey, what’s another executive action anyway? The fact that Congress was already gone for Christmas recess is just an convenient poke in their eye, icing on the cake as it were.

But here’s another thing. If GITMO closes will the U.S. Naval Station remain under U.S. control? What a propaganda tool that would be for Cuba if they gained control of the base which has long been vital to U.S. activities south of our nation. It is the logistical hub for the Navy’s Fourth Fleet, which conducts humanitarian projects, disaster relief, and medical diplomacy throughout the region. Guantanamo Bay is the staging area to help refugees, particularly in the event of a massive displacement of people following hurricanes, earthquakes, or political upheavals. Will Cuba be able to take on those responsibilities when they can scarcely take care of their own people? And was this so-called “normalization” with Cuba just a back door way to finally close GITMO?

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