Bloody Hands & Evil Hearts: Sharpton, DeBlasio, Obama & Holder

Well I’d say they got what they asked for ~dead cops. And all of the huckster, race-bating cheap a$$ politicians and phony 2-bit Reverends should be ashamed of themselves, but they won’t be. This is their fault & they have blood on their hands!

Remember them saying they didn’t mind about what protestors were chanting in te NYC because it was a meaningful way to express themselves? Really? “What do we want? Dead cops! When? Now! Well, they’ve got them and no amount of back-pedaling by Sharpton or shallow words of sorrow for the policemen & their families by Obama, Holder or DeBlasio will change what they have done. They’ve endangered the lives of every single police officer in the country.

And just like those twisted, hate-filled Palestinians gleefully celebrating and handing out candy after the brutal murders in the Israeli synagogue recently, numerous sick monsters took to Twitter praising the NYPD murders:

  • @Nawshus . . . Guess NYPD can’t breathe after all; 122 retweets
  • @OhEmmeG . . . lol at ppl urging you to sympathize with these cops as quickly as they snatched sympathy away from any and all unarmed black ppl shot.; 145 retweets
  • @OhEmmeG  . . . If those cops didnt want to be shot they shouldnt have been dressed like criminals; 1,106 retweets

and here is Al not-so-Sharpton back-pedeling:

  • @TheRevAl . . . I am outraged at the killing of 2 police officers in Brooklyn. That is why we stress non violence as the only way to fight for justice; 1,051 retweets. (what a F**King liar! He encouraged it every time he took to a microphone in Ferguson, NYC & in the SONY hacking case).
Here is the other side of the coin by now deceased radio legend who lost his own father, a policeman killed in the line of duty, at age three.

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