Carbon Tax On The Way Because of Cheap Oil?

You may recall Obama’s famous words,

“Under my plan, electricity rates would necessarily sky-rocket.”

That dream did come true only many on the East coast are now thinking it’s more like a nightmare in the midst of polar vortex 2.0. Well now the libs are PO’d with the falling oil prices and gas below $2 per gallon in 40% of the country. You just cannot please these people! According to The Daily Caller, politicians and activists (you know the university types) are now pushing for higher fuel taxes.

Larry Summers, former White House economic adviser is all giddy for an opportunity to stick it to Americans. He’s pushing for a $25/ton carbon tax that would raise more than $1 trillion over the next decade. This so they can turn around and waste it on what? Spying on US citizens? Giving carte blanche to illegal immigrants? Or maybe more buckets of cash to the Wall Street “too big to fail” banksters like the ones that just got toxic derivatives put under the FDIC umbrella (part of the $1.1 Trillion end of year CRomnibus bill passed) to the guaranteed detriment of taxpayers. And don’t forget that all western countries have now adopted “bail-in” legislation (confiscation of depositors’ money in bank failures like in Cyprus) as a result of the last G-20 meeting.

I guess they just like an excuse to go to war and if oil is too plentiful and prices are too low they’ve gotta take it out on hard working Americans.

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