The Language Liars; The Leftists, Lib-tards & Dam-o-crats Hijack The Language to Perpetuate Their Agenda. The GOP Lies Because They’re Politicians

Here’s a glaring example, the “Affordable Care Act”, you know Obamacare. Affordable? Really? Or how about the term liberal? The libs are so liberal -right up until the time you disagree with them, then they want to censor you, shut down free speech, etc. The libs dominating today’s universities and colleges don’t want to hear the truth about Islam’s horrible treatment of women or gays or infidels so Ms. Ali who has experienced first-hand the barbarous treatment of women was uninvited to speak at the Brandeis University graduation. Her free speech rapidly became hate speech. They’re right there in solidarity with Charlie Hedbo (the French newspaper that printed the offending cartoons resulting in 17 deaths in Paris last week), but the New York Times won’t reprint the offending cartoons because they don’t want to be seen as Islamphobic.

The ministry of truthPlanned Parenthood is another lie of language. They spend well over 90% of it funding on abortions not parenthood! That’s always been the way with liberals, the lies and twisted language, in today’s world of instant gratification, texting, live-stream vs. reading, etc., it’s even more pronounced. They don’t expect anyone to really go beyond the latest tweet, read the facts or understand anything beyond the label or headline.

Global warming became climate change once the news of the altered emails and junk science was exposed and the last few harsh winters didn’t do much for the warming thing, so it’s polar vortex to the rescue! Now gun control is morphing into gun safety because the word control has well, such a controlling feel to it in the land of the free and the home of the brave, so it’s time to switch up the language once again.

Both sides LieThe libs & leftists are the biggest offenders, but in the interest in veracity the Republicans lie too as demonstrated by the massive $1.1 trillion CRomnibus bill just rushed through Congress last December. Don’t fall for it from either side! Help pass liberty on to the next generation. Tell the truth and keep telling it because if you don’t the language liars will win.

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