Paris: Tragedy or Years of Bad Policy? The Second Protects The First.

It’s that simple. The Second Amendment (NO infringement on the right to keep & bear arms) protects the First Amendment (free speech, the right to peaceable assembly, etc.). France has been a gun-control utopia forever. In France most of the police do not carry guns and the first 2 officers to arrive on the scene at the Charlie Hebdo massacre were not armed and fled when they saw the terrorists were armed with automatic weapons. How crazy is this?? Pretty damn crazy.

I couldn’t say this any better:

And while this reasoning makes simple sense we still have the wealthy anti-gun control crowd in America like Michael Bloomberg spending heaps of do-ray-me to counter this good sense, this time by sponsoring Anti-gun Indoctrination Camps for journalists!

Buy guns, learn how to use them and save our 2nd Amendment rights to help retain our 1st Amendment right of free of speech. Help pass liberty on to the next generation.

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