Bruce Jenner Transitioning To a Woman. Will He Regret It As Many Others Have?

Hollywood is always looking for the next reality show and here it comes! In case you haven’t noticed, Bruce Jenner has been becoming more Michael Jacksonesque over the last few years and now he’s going public. He wants to be a she! And a docu-series is in the works.

But even a little digging shows there is a lot of buyer’s remorse in the transgender community. A British poll in the Daily Mail pegs a whopping 65% of Brits who have had cosmetic surgery regret it. Here is what gauged ears look like when you’re tired of that fad. Imagine whacking the peepe!

guaged earsOf course the LGBT mafia come down so hard on those expressing their sorrow for having had sex-change surgery we don’t hear much of it. But Alan Finch, an Australian who decided at age 19 to transition from male to female, at age 36 told the Guardian newspaper in 2004:

“. . . transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists. . . .You fundamentally can’t change sex … the surgery doesn’t alter you genetically. It’s genital mutilation. My ‘vagina’ was just the bag of my scrotum. It’s like a pouch, like a kangaroo. What’s scary is you still feel like you have a penis when you’re sexually aroused. It’s like phantom limb syndrome. It’s all been a terrible misadventure. I’ve never been a woman, just Alan. “

Renée Richards, born Richard Raskind (the tennis champion) was one of the first to do a sex-change in the 1970s. In a 1999 interview with Tennis Magazine, Richards wished there could have been a drug that would have reduced the pressure (within himself?) to do gender reassignment surgery, saying he knows deep down he’s a 2nd class woman. He said he’s not fulfilled and he tried discourage anyone from having the operation.

The craziness doesn’t stop. Just about a year ago a federal appeals court upheld a decision for a taxpayer-funded sex-change operation for a transgender inmate serving a life sentence for a murder conviction, saying receiving medically necessary treatment is a constitutional right that must be protected.” Convicted WikiLeaks mole, PFC, Bradly Manning became Chelsea and is now suing the military for a sex-change operation.

A constitutional right and ‘right thing’ to do? No, it’s bat-sh*t crazy! This is how far we’ve devolved as a culture.

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