Another Lame Excuse From a Lib Caught in a Fib!

How many times have we heard the lame apologies “I misspoke” or “I forgot the details”, etc? I’ll tell you. Too damn many! And the biggest whoppers are from the libs. Don’t forget our liar-in-chief is always on the receiving end of numerous Pinocchio awards from the Washington Post.


The latest brouhaha is the whopper Brian Williams of NBC has embellished over the last 12 years that placed him in a helicopter in Iraq that was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade. It turns out he was in a helicopter that landed an hour after a helicopter ahead of his news team took fire from an RPG. Williams claims he got confused over the years and now says it was only AK-47 fired at the chopper he traveled in. How do you confuse AK-47 fire with an RPG?

Williams is just the latest of a string of liars:

Richard Blumenthal lied about serving in Viet Nam during his campaign for the senate while serving as Connecticut’s Attorney General!

Killary had a strikingly similar tale about taking sniper fire while on a trip in Bosnia as First Lady. Trouble is Sharyl Attkisson (formerly of CBS) was on that trip and that’s not what happened. Take a look.

And don’t forget Susan Rice, Obama and Killary again, concocting and retelling the lies about Benghazi.

My conclusion:  liberal is another word for liar!

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