Makes Sense To Me. University of Massachusetts-Amherst Bans Iranian Students From Grad Programs in Engineering & Natural Sciences

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Go figger, you think we should facilitate Iranians in their nuclear quest just because NObama does? I don’t and surprisingly neither did the University of Massachusetts-Amherst -at least until they got pressure from the State Dept and then they reversed themselves. Wussies!

too bad, the censors removed the video because it just doesn’t fit their narrative or world view. We once were the ‘Home of the Brave & the Land of the Free’ but maybe not anymore.

Their right-headed policy was in line with US sanctions against Iran enacted in legislation in August 2012. Of course the airhead lib-tard students that populate UMass automatically go to the race card, charging discrimination.  (they can’t help it, it’s their training). Don’t blame the little children, they don’t know the real world yet and are likely to have their heads filled with a whole lot more PC bullcrap before they graduate (and then wonder why they can’t get a job). The girl in the red scarf Danielle Plasse, at the 0:53 mark in the video is a perfect candidate to fill in for some of the absolute ditzy, bimbo twits at the State Dept like Christine Harff who advocates ‘jobs for jihadis’ as a way to combat Islamic terrorism. Jan Psaki is another one of the mental giants at the State Dept. (not!) who we are forced to endure all too often on the evening news.

Parents, I recommend you save a lot of money and have your kids go the Scott Walker route:  quit school and get a j-o-b.

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