Freedom of Speech -Ha! What a Crock!

Every day we move closer to a total police state. Speak against the powers that be and they will shut you down even if you’re a 12 year-old kid (and a damn smart one at that!). Recall my post of Feb 23rd which was a follow-up to the kerfuffle caused by Rudy Giuliani’s statement that Obama doesn’t love America. And yes, it goes without saying that it doesn’t take a 12 yr-old to see that!


Politically aware and active young C.J. Pearson

At any rate C.J. Pearson apparently is a little too informed and politically active (and on the wrong side) for the administration’s liking. His YouTube video (over 1.4 million views) “President Obama: Do you really love America?” which he posted on his Facebook page has resulted in him being locked out of facebook. How many phone calls did it take to accomplish that. Not many is my guess. BTW, this is another good reason why I am not on Facebook.

And why do our big communication giants continually side with tyranny (think NSA data collections)? You would think they’d want free speech to flow, but I guess they know on which side their bread is buttered. Did you hear any outcry from Verizon, google or Facebook about net neutrality? NO you did not. They’re all in bed together.

When government takes over the media and has all the news outlets in their pocket we’re pretty much doomed. Let’s see they’ve got the banks, they’ve got the media, they’ve got health care, they’ve got student loans & education. What’s next? Don’t know yet, but it won’t be pretty.

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