They’re Not Coming, They Are HERE!

Twenty-year-old Christopher Lee Cornell, aka Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah is a misguided loser and Islamic State supporter from Ohio who was arrested in January in an undercover FBI investigation after he bought two rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition for a planned attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Fox19 had to sue to air their video (a longer version of the one below) which they acquired after Cornell called the station, WXIX-TV three times from jail to make sure his message got out.

Cornell told WXIX reporter Tricia Macke the Islamic State has operatives in every single U.S. state.

“We are pretty strong,” he said. “Yes, yes. In every state like I said. We’re in Texas. We’re in Ohio. We’re in New York City. We’re in Washington, DC. We’re in every single state you can name, just about.”

“We are in you schools”
“We are in your college campuses”
“We ARE the Democratic Party”
“We ARE the White House”

This is pretty clear (on ALL 4 examples above).

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