Not Everyone Is Buying Hillary’s Sorry Story. Check Out a Neighbor’s For Sale Sign

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Obviously, the for sale sign is a joke aimed at Clinton’s ongoing email scandal — and it was posted by one of her own neighbors. At this point, Clinton is getting hit from all angles.

For sale

The man who posted the sign, identified as local business owner Gary Murphy, told Business Insider that he posted the sign near Clinton’s home to bring more attention to the email scandal.

“I was just looking to … channel my inner Jon Stewart on a topic that I think is important,” he said.

During her time at the State Department, Clinton exclusively used private email addresses. She said on Tuesday that she sent and received roughly 60,000 emails during her four-year tenure as secretary of state. She also claimed that she deleted about half of them because they were “personal.” And (these are my words) the most preposterous part of the story is that Killary claims to have had  NO classified documents on the server. This my friends is just not believable! Thank you John Murphy!

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