I’m Sorry Claiming The Right To a Position Because You Will Be The “First Whatever” is NOT a Good Enough Reason


They call Eric Holder "honorable" too

They call Eric Holder “honorable” too

Apparently now It’s Loretta Lynch’s birthright to become the first African American woman attorney general. This of course leads to the lib-tard response that if you disagree on her policies (like giving the ok for everyone in America, including illegal immigrants the right to work), or judge her on her record (like letting big banks slide on laundering drug & terror money) or any other worthy reason, you are not only racist, but also misogynist!

what difference does it make

What difference does it make?

“Doncha wanna see a woman president” says Killary. Yes, I’d love it, but not you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re a liar and apparently totally above the law. Who would want to see another one like that in the White House? Not I.

Well, I am sorry but the same goes for Loretta baaay-bee. I’ve got nothing against another African American attorney general or the first African American woman in that position ~just not you!

Dick Durbin sinks to the race card again, saying the Republicans are putting Loretta Lynch in the “back of the bus” and that that’s “beneath the decorum of the Senate”. Ha! That’s a pretty low bar already Dicky boy.

You wanna do us all a favor? Call these Republicans and urge a NO vote on confirming Loretta Lynch.

Orrin Hatch (UT)               202-224-5251  
Susan Collins (ME)           202-224-2523          
Jeff Flake (AZ)                  202-224-4521
Lindsey Graham (SC)        202-224-5972
Lisa Murkowski (AL)        202-224-6665
Kelly Ayotte (NH)             202-224-3324

Not because she’s female, nor because she’s black, but because she supports Obama’s illegal executive action on amnesty for millions of illegals in our country who take jobs from Americans and cost the states billions in benefits and perks that many hard-working Americans cannot ever qualify for.

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