Your Bank May Be Spying On You For The Government

banks spyingIn 2013 alone banks filed 1.3 million SARs (suspicious activity reports) with the Justice Department (you know the one headed by the biggest crook of all, Eric Holder?). Don’t believe me? Try withdrawing ten thousand dollars cash from your bank account. It’s just liable to raise some hackles. Even a $5k withdrawal could trigger a Suspicious Activity Report to the feds. According to Simon Black of Sovereign Man banks have a minimum quota of required SARs and can be fined, lose their banking charter or even risk imprisonment for their executives & directors if they do not comply by ratting out their customers.

Let’s face it the government is spying on nearly all of our activities. This in the land of the free & the home of the brave. The government knows no limit to infringing on our rights, and now the Justice Dept. is saying SARs aren’t enough. They encourage those institutions to consider whether to take more action:  alert law enforcement who may be able to seize funds, initiate an investigation or take other proactive steps. These are capital controls no matter how you slice it.

Forget earning interest on your money, many places around the world now have negative interest rates. That’s right you pay the bank to deposit you money in their bank. Something most people don’t know is that your deposits are not secure in any bank anymore. They are assets of the bank and if the bank goes under your deposits can legally be confiscated. The contents of your safe deposit box, same thing. They can legally be confiscated by the bank. You didn’t see that in the fine print?

Governments who spend more than they take in (btw, that would be ALL of them) will get more and more creative in how to separate you from your money to keep the charade going. What can you do? You’re between a rock and a hard place because we’re advancing toward a cashless society. One day not too far from now the banks and/or the government will require you to do all your banking and transactions digitally so that they can get their cut of every transaction. Beware is all I can say.

Help pass liberty on to the next generation.

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