No More in 2016; No More Holding Our Nose to Vote For RINOs Over Democrats

It ends here! We cannot keep voting for loser establishment Republicans and expect anything to change.

nomore1350jpgThe following is reblogged from Pamela Geller. It’s time to take back America!

Conservative voters are fed up with “holding their noses” to vote for the least worst candidate. It’s difficult to differentiate the Democrat and Republican Parties in Washington since they vote, with few exceptions, the same. From now on, our votes must be EARNED by candidates with conservative values and records.

Here is our message:

*  In 1976, the GOP ran establishment moderate Gerald Ford for President. He lost.
*  In 1980, the Ronald Reagan ran as an unapologetic conservative. He won.
*  In 1984, Reagan won reelection in a landslide.
*  In 1992, Moderate George HW Bush ran for reelection for President. He lost.
*  In 1996, the GOP ran establishment moderate Dole for President. He lost.
*  In 2000, George W. Bush ran as a conservative and won.
*  In 2008, the GOP ran establishment moderate McCain for President. He lost.
*  In 2012, the GOP ran establishment moderate Romney for President. He lost.

Notice a pattern?
During the Obama years, the American people have seen the left-wing Democratic vision for our nation. They haven’t liked what they’ve seen.

In 2016, Republicans have an historic opportunity to elect a strong, principled conservative to the White House.

Someone who believes the right to keep and bear arms must not be infringed. Someone who believes in defending America’s borders.
Someone who believes in the rule of law.
Someone who rejects one-size-fits-all curriculum ideas like Common Core.
A conservative who knows the government has no business reading any American’s private communications without a proper warrant.
A conservative who believes and will fight for fiscal sanity, limited government, and individual rights.

Therefore we conservative voters in America raise our voices to say No More In 2016!

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