Question: What Do These 27 Countries Have in Common? Answer: They Are Moving Away From the U$Dollar As The Reserve Currency

America’s past policy of containment simply will not work here. China is forming the non-dollar denominated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and has 27 countries already approved for membership. China plans this new bank to help match Asia’s vast savings with its even greater need for new bridges, roads and other necessities of development. In typical fashion America has been lobbying against it, mostly trying to maintain its global financial superpower status, but this is a giant salmon swimming upstream that likely will not make it to its spawning ground this time.

Even our traditional "petro-dollar partner" Saudi Arabia has signed on.

Even our traditional “petrol-dollar partner” Saudi Arabia has signed on.

Jordan is the newest member, but the most stinging of all are the recent applications of many of America’s traditional western allies:  UK, France, Germany & Italy. Of course this should not be a surprise given the shoddy treatment our government has recently given what was once one of our strongest allies, Israel -not to mention our banking regulations (FACTA, etc.) foisted on nations all around the world. Even now at this very moment the Obama administration is pressuring France (part of the P5+1 group) who adopts a much tougher stance against any Iranian nuke deal.
According to Austria, Luxembourg, and Switzerland have applied as founding members beating the March 31st deadline.  It might just be that other countries once considered our friends are tired of being pushed around by the debt ridden USA bully on the international playground.

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