He Hated His Old Name . . . . 5-Year Old Begins the Transgender Journey

Mia is now Jacob and is transgendering with the help and support of his/her parents.

“We cut his hair, changed his name, sent him to a new school so he could start fresh. That’s all we had to do.”

Pediatrician Michelle Forcier, NBC New’s chosen expert for their story has special interest in treating “sexual minority” children and promotes early puberty interventions for children who want to be the opposite gender. She feels the biggest harm for parents is to do nothing. According to a 2011 survey, transgender people suffer a greater risk of anxiety & depression and 41% of transgender people have attempted suicide.

What has changed in our world that our nightly news programs are pushing this phenomenon? I know we’re in a time as reported on Newsbusters.org where going back to school now includes not only new classmates, new subjects, books and new gender but also a court-invented right to use the boys or girls room depending on how you “identify”. I guess the schools will muddle on like this until someone is raped or molested by one maybe not identifying as sexual deviant when choosing which bathroom to use.

Of course the rest of us will have no say in any of this because the media (and the LBGT Mafia) always shut down dissent when they find a pet cause. This is the modern family and the alphabet news media will happily play the cheerleaders trying to normalize what may affect only a very small minority of people. It will be the next civil rights cause and anyone with a different opinion will be a hater. The suicide thing bothers me. Clearly these are conflicted individuals. Seeing Bruce Jenner transform tells me this is not something he was willing to live with even at his senior citizen age. What’s the answer? Who knows, but a civil right? I just don’t know.

BTW, same-sex parenting will be the next civil rights cause. Mark my words.

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