Beware of The Government Doing ANYTHING For Our Benefit or Welfare Because They Are More Often Stifling Competition at the Behest of Crony Capitalists

People this is disgraceful! Hat-tip Liberty Pen. Just remember whenever the government wants us to believe they’re doing something

 for our benefit you have to look behind the curtain. They are usually taking hand-outs from big corporations or special interests to line their own pockets while reducing competition for those favored interests ~all to the detriment of consumers.

Case in point. Big tobacco and loads of lobbyists for tobacco companies pair up with government who always claim they are doing it for our health, to get an unfair advantage over competitors or new market entrants. Politicians are only to happy to take their money all the while appearing to be watching out for our greater good. Bull-crap.

Help pass liberty on to the next generation.

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