A Week in the Hospital For a Broken Leg? Not likely.

Secretary of State John Kerry is an experienced bike rider so the story that he broke his leg in France having crashed into a curb while getting a bit of exercise during a break from nuclear talks with Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif is a bit unlikely. Stories indicate he was actually in Switzerland and wounded May 31st during a gun battle with what has been described as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL) assassins.

Kerry assination attemptHe was transported by a French military medical helicopter to Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève where he was stabilized. According to the WhatDoesItMean.com story, due to his age and massive blood loss, Kerry was then evacuated to Boston via a massive Boeing C-17 Globemaster belonging to the US Air Force located at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany where he was immediately put into the care of US Air Force surgeons and medical personal attempting to keep him alive.

Both The Blaze and Jerusalem Post also reported it was in fact an assassination attempt and that Kerry suffered grave injuries. Obama is supposed to have secretly flown to Boston to meet with Kerry after being treated. The Iranian news media has been running a story refuting that Kerry was hurt in a cycling accident.

Begging the question, who should we believe? Obama, our government and the lying media, or the “death to American” Iranians? That’s a tough one indeed.

Help pass liberty on to the next generation. Learn and teach history so that we are not doomed to repeat it.

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