Come On Wake-up People. The Govt Is NOT Your Friend. Never Let Them Search You, Your Car or Your Home Without A Lawful Warrant

This only happened because of naivety on the part of an innocent person who succumbed to a government search (police or any like authority) because ‘they had nothing to hide’.

charles-clarkThis from the Daily Caller:

Charles Clarke, 24, son of a disabled veteran was about to board a flight at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport in February 2014 when he was stopped by police. Two law enforcement officials said an airport employee tipped them off that his checked bag smelled like marijuana.

Clarke told The Daily Caller News Foundation at first he wasn’t worried because he had nothing to hide. He let the officers search his bag and even showed them his prized possession: $11,000 cash he was moving across the country. The police searched and found no drugs or anything illegal but they still took the cash, money Clarke says he saved over five years from jobs, financial aid, and benefits from the government because his mother is a disabled veteran.

Law enforcement took all the money claiming it was involved in illegal drug trafficking. When the officers tried to take the money, Clarke said he began calling out for witnesses to see what was happening to him. One officer says Clarke pushed him, but Clarke denies that. Clarke said he put his hand over the money to stop the officers from taking it but never hit an officer. Clarke was charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, but those charges were later dropped. Clarke has admitted he was a recreational smoker at the time, but he had nothing illegal when officers searched him and says he was certainly no drug dealer. More than a year later, the money has still not been returned.

WAKE-UP people!

The government and the police are not your friend. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allow them to search you, your car or your home without a lawful warrant. All governments, local, state & federal are broke and dragging the net for cash and valuables anywhere they can find them. Don’t let it happen to you.

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