Systamatic Civil Disobendience, A Way To Rebuild Our Liberty

It’s preordained. We will never be able to stop Congress and the behemoth federal bureaucracy from creating more laws, rules and regulations. We’re smothered in them -more every day. We have to ask permission to do just about anything. And we’re breaking any number of laws every day without even knowing it.

One man has a solution. Charles Murray proposes a great big foundation with several hundred million dollars that would give the government fits and soak up so much of their enforcement capability that they will back off. Like putting sugar in the government’s gas tank.

When the government comes after us as individuals or even as small business owners we have to crumble. We cannot fight the government. We don’t have the money, the expertise or the time. We’re running our businesses and raising our families. But Murray proposes a way out of this, systematic civil disobedience if you will. Every time the government goes after someone or some business or some stupid law or regulation Murray proposes what he calls The Madison Fund. It’s legal aid not for the poor, but for “We The People” (including businesses) who are run over by more and more regulations. The Madison Fund would defend, to the end anyone being harassed by the government. And if that person loses, the Fund would pay the fines. Now this is something worth pursuing!

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