What Good Can Possibly Come From Someone Who Has Total Job Security?

Scott Walker’s new budget repeals state tenure guarantees while also slashing the budget of the University of Wisconsin (UW). It has been passed by the state legislature and only awaits his signature. This is huge! I am liking this guy more and more as a presidential candidate!

Teacher tenure is the increasing controversial form of job protection that public school teachers and college professors in ALL 50 STATES receive after 1-7 years on the job.tenure

Walker is doing us all a favor and chipping away at that bad habit as fewer and fewer states can afford their teachers or university professors. He has criticized the work ethic of college professors in the past and said that UW needed to become more efficient, and that could start with demanding more of faculty members. He went for a $300 million budget cut to the university over 2 years and got $250 million. Read the story here from The Daily Caller.

Now tenured professors can be laid off whenever it is “deemed necessary due to a budget or program decision regarding program discontinuance, curtailment, modification or redirection”.
Keep in mind the huge tuition hikes that have occurred in colleges & universities over the last few years once the feds took over the student loan program. Also keep in mind that all public schools, K-12 and universities are mostly indoctrination mills these days. Kids graduate from government schools not prepared for college, and college kids graduate not prepared from much besides liberal activism (climate change, gender & income equality, etc.).
Let’s face it when someone is guaranteed a job, no matter the quality of the output, the output will never be superior. Thank you governor Scott Walker.

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One Response to What Good Can Possibly Come From Someone Who Has Total Job Security?

  1. Sandy says:

    Yea for Scott Walker! The first governor to repeal tenure. He is looking more and more like the person who will get things done. He is not afraid to try.

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