Why The War on Drugs Must End Immediately

police-state-cautionThe easiest answer is that is does not work, but the War on Drugs is also the patent excuse for trampling all over our civil rights.

Check out this story from Activist Post:

On a brisk fall night in Orangeburg, SC, Joel Robinson awoke in the hours just before dawn to the sound of intruders. These intruders had burst into Robinson’s house unwelcome and unannounced, storming inside with guns drawn.
Robinson did what any self-respecting and threatened individual would do – he picked up his gun and fired on the assailants, hitting one in the arm.
Unfortunately for Robinson, these assailants were DEA agents, a special kind of home intruder who believe they have the right to invade a person’s home in the middle of the night, draw guns on them, and face no repercussions.
Joel Robinson was given 8 years in prison for shooting the DEA agent Barry Wilson. Robinson shot Wilson in the arm, breaking his elbow and forearm. Robinson took a plea deal resulting in an 8 year prison sentence because of undo pressure by attorneys and mistrust of his chances in a jury trial.
It should be noted there were no drugs found in Robinson’s house. Robinson also had to pay over $82,000 in medical bills to the DEA agent he rightfully shot in self-defense!

This is a travesty people. Don’t forget about Jury Nullification!

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