Four Dead Marines in Chattanooga Military Facility – A Gun-free Zone Naturally

I’m sorry,

“these deaths are on Obama, the other Muslim in charge of the FBI and the other Muslim in charge of DHS”. . . . . from a comment on the CBS news story online.

But it’s true Muslims and Muslim sympathizers have been infiltrating our government (and schools and ALL other public institutions) for years!

Arab terrorist

He looks like such a nice young man, but make no mistake he’s a Muslim terrorist

Here are 5 facts that are known from about the shooting and the shooter (Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez) who thank goodness is DEAD:

  1.  He Was a Naturalized U.S. Citizen Originally From Kuwait
  2.  An ISIS-Affiliated Account Ominously Tweeted ‘#Chattanooga’ Just Before the Shooting Occurred
  3. ‘My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?’  This was his high school yearbook     quote.
  4.  A Witness Said the Gunman Fired From a Mustang Outside a Recruiting Center in a Shopping Mall  (making him a big coward).
  5. Police Do Not Believe There Is a Second Shooter

The shooter is dead, saving us all a lot of money and political correct gobble-di-gook about what to do with him., how disadvantaged he was and all the typical libtard bull-crap.

Help pass liberty on to the next generation.

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