This Is Your President Folks

Knowing full well that many in Congress (and the world) are unhappy with this Iran “deal” President Obama is right this very minute doing another end-run around Congress. And it pisses me off! It’s their own fault because they have caved and appeased Obama on EVERY SINGLE issue for six and a half years.

From World Net Daily, Obama turns to UN to outmaneuver Congress on the Iran deal. The resolution would make it impossible for the next president to undo any of this agreement.

obama rips We the People

Ambassador Samantha Power has circulated a legally binding draft to the 15-member U.N. Security Council that, if adopted, would give the body’s backing to the landmark nuclear pact. It also instructs states to refrain from taking any actions that would undermine the agreement (so much for any snapback to sanctions for violations).
From the National Review. The Iran deal is of significant enough national security consequence that it should be treated as a treaty, subject to the Constitution’s condition precedent (Article II, Section 2) of super-majority approval (two-thirds of those present) before it can be ratified.
The number of international arrangements has increased, and most of them (though not all of them) are uncontroversial. Nevertheless, this practice has not repealed the Constitution’s treaty clause. It was Congress who failed in upholding the treaty clause (my words). The Corker Bill which gave Congress the right to approve or not, the Iran deal, only served to give political cover to the cowards in Congress who don’t have the guts to stand up to Obama. Now they can go back to their districts and say “I voted for the Corker Bill but we just did not get enough votes to override Obama’s veto.
Bill Clinton is responsible for North Korea getting nuclear weapons and Obama (aided & abetted by the spineless Republican leadership) will be responsible for Iran getting nuclear weapons.

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