Muslim Resettlement in America Paid For By Your Tax Dollars

Forget about our porous southern border, the refugees being brought to American legally ~and paid for by you, me and other taxpayers is doing just as much if not more, in contributing to our very tenuous national security. According to Refugee Resettlement Watch, one of the operative assumptions of those in the refugee industry is that, since the U.S. is behind most of the chaos in the world, it is morally obligated to take the lead in resettling the world’s refugees.  WTF!  We have taken in 100,000 Somalis & 100,000 Iraqis. Syria will be next. And all these refugees detonate  their own chain migration flows in addition to the refugee influx by a factor of four!

It’s somewhat of a racket for the contractors in the refugee industry because they are supported nearly 90% by the federal government and their lobbying umbrella wields enormous influence over the administration’s refugee admission policy. The FBI has admitted they are not prepared to vet these people there are so many of them and many come from the refugee camps where there are no records.

If these are good followers of Mohammed they are likely bringing the Hijra to America. Mohammed taught that Muslims were to migrate and spread Islam to all the lands of the world. After the slaughter of the unarmed military men in Chattanooga by a Muslim terrorist recently I think we should maybe take a break on the spread of Islam, Sharia and their jihad.

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One Response to Muslim Resettlement in America Paid For By Your Tax Dollars

  1. azjen says:

    We should have taken a break long ago from allowing all these immigrants into our country. When we allow this, we cannot vet these individuals nor can we actually take care of most of them b/c they are coming in such high numbers. Everyone feels that American is the land of the free & all people can come here. However, there is just so much room. If you have a party & invite 60 people-then you are not expecting 180 people b/c there would not be room for all the people.

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