Brought To You By The Same Liberal (Sanctuary City) Which Contributed to The Murder of Kate Steinle

You can’t make this stuff up. Oh wait a minute, oh yes apparently you can. There’s an online petition that has popped up in San Francisco ~yes that same San Francisco that harbors illegal aliens and was a contributing factor in the recent murder of Kate Steinle by a 5 times deported undocumented Mexican as she strolled the Pier 14 area with her father.

cash cowHat-tip Activist Post which reports the online petition which seeks to make traffic fines based on one’s income. Can you believe this garbage? More social justice, equality, fairness bull-crap. Here it is just so you know I didn’t make this up.

“Because no one should have to choose between paying a traffic ticket and feeding their family.”

And I do admit cities & towns are using traffic stops as a source of cash with over-the-top abuses like civil asset forfeiture, but still the fines should be the same for everyone. You do the crime, you pay the fine. Or better yet get rid of them for all of us.

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