Whoops That Liberal Idea Didn’t Go So Well

You can somewhat understand liberal’s appeal, especially to the young and naïve because they’re just so feeeeling. Everything is based on emotion and sensibility. You know, they want justice and fairness for everyone.


Well for this young Seattle CEO who decided to bring more income equality to his workforce the idea which felt so good at the time has blown up in his face. Only 3 months after making this move to a more equitable work place Dan Price went from a progressive hero featured by Time Magazine, to a broke company owner who cannot pay his own bills.

He’s lost key employees over this experiment when he decided to raise everyone’s salary to a minimum of $70,000 with no thought of their actual contribution. His own brother and co-founder of Gravity Payments which processes credit card payments, is suing him. Price may have forgotten that every increase in pay means an increase in very costly benefits too. Sadly Price has had to rent out his own home to make ends meet.

This was/is a tough lesson but one well worth the agony for all those who insist minimum wage jobs and those working them deserve a “living” wage. The lesson is that minimum wage jobs were not meant to afford a living wage, they are entry-level positions that teach the young and low skilled a foundational work ethic and yes, motivation to rise above these low wage, entry-level jobs. If you work a job that doesn’t take much skill or education but you are overcompensated for it why would you ever leave that position, especially if you have a wide array of government benefits to make it even easier to slide by?

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