Kelly Megyn or Megyn Kelly Whatever Your Name Is

Sorry I just cannot resist this one. The Donald apparently has at least 2 very strong advocates.

And I sort of have to concur to a tiny degree. I mean who wasn’t gratified to learn that the debate moderators this election season would be other than the usual lib-tard suspects (Candy Crawlie-yee gads!) *I know it’s spelled wrong, but she gives me the creeps*. But having said that it just seemed to me that Fox has been in the bag for Jeb Bush or Christie from the start.

They intentionally set out to take Trump down. I mean come on, the first question was who would pledge to not go 3rd Party followed by the smut-racking (and out of context, I might add) feud between Trump and Rosie O’Donnell, which by the way was initiated by O’Donnell.

Please in the remaining debates can we just have substantial questions on policy issues rather than the usual “gotcha” questions? I am disappointed that Fox has turned out to be no better than CNN or CBS or ABC. Too bad.

If you want to contact Fox News and tell them what a bad job they did here is how you do it:

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