Racist? Really, When Are People Going to Call Bullcrap on This Nonsense?

Hat-tip The Daily Caller. Normal, sane people don’t continue to burn down and loot their own neighborhoods. It just doesn’t compute. The two ladies gaining notoriety for disrupting mostly so far Democratic presidential candidates on stage, the #Black Lives Matter gang are laughable. If black lives mattered there would be real outrage at the number of black babies aborted.


Banning saggy drawers on University campus racist and insensitive or pure absurdity for the necessity of the conversation?

And here is the latest installment of the stupidity that makes its way to the news or the Internet. Henderson State University in Arkansas is considering -only thinking about it, banning saggy pants as being disruptive an inappropriate for the classroom and is being tagged as racist against black people. Give me a break. Lewis Shepherd Jr., an administrator at the college said the university is just trying to encourage good habits. Would these idiots (is that racist to call an idiot an idiot?!) show up for a job interview looking like this? I think not. But they say they want jobs. How can this be?

And what’s the answer to the student outrage over the proposed baggy pants ban? Why the University needs to hire an official diversity officer, so that the school can avoid racially insensitive actions in the future. Sorry, this is akin to the IRS saying they need more money to hire more staff to help prevent them from targeting enemies of the state. Like I said before:  Bullcrap!

Just like a heroine addict, they say they’ve got to hit bottom before the recovery can begin. And I say the same thing about sadly some in the black “culture” today. I just don’t know what that bottom will look like.

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