Wait -You May Want to Hold Off on Buying That State Lottery Ticket

Illinois Can’t Pay Lottery Winners – OOPS!

Here is another state in the hands of the Democrats which has heaps of unfunded liabilities, as does my own state of Hawaii (also in the grips of Democratic Party), and they can’t pay lottery winners. What a kick in the keester that would be! Imagine buying lottery tickets your whole life and when you finally hit the number the state can’t pay you.

Reblogged from Armstrong Economics:

Illinois-LotteryThe State of Illinois is dead broke. They cannot pay the pension of state employees. The lottery purchases obviously are used by the state for whatever they desire. Now that they are broke, they can’t even pay the winners of their lottery. And people trust government? The government is incapable of managing anything because they exempt themselves from the law. Nobody cares about right and wrong. You go to prison for five years if you LIE to a government agent, but they can LIE to you with no liability. And people wonder why Trump & Bernie Sanders are rising in the polls?

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