Two Firsts For Me Today in Memphis!

Yes, two new experiences for me today and I’m not really sure which one I liked better. We’re traveling again, a road-trip this time through the Southeast and today was our last day in Memphis having arrived here Sept. 4th for the Labor Day weekend.

We’re staying in a little studio apartment about 2 blocks from the Overton Square area of midtown Memphis in an old converted carriage house that we rented though Airbnb. You can still see the old stable doors on the exterior.

Carriage House. Memphis
All that aside, I got to try fried green tomatoes for the first time ever since I saw the movie so many years ago.Fried Green Tomatoes

OK so the other new cool thing is Mickey happened to spot a shooting range as we were driving back from a day trip to Oxford, Mississippi and I got to shoot a gun for the first time ever! It was a semi-automatic .22 rifle and a lot of fun. I saved my target for a souvenir and I’ll  upload a photo later.

That’s all for now because this damn WordPress app sucks big time.

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