Old Cemetery & Historical Structures Found While Hiking

This is really cool. Hiking in the Smoky Mountain National Park this day while on our recent road trip we came across an old cemetery. Some of the grave markers were as small as an upright brick stuck in the ground with no markings at all. On first glance it reminded me of snaggle-tooth; just broken looking teeth sticking out of the earth, or a three-day beard.

Graveyard in Smoky Mtn Nat'l Park3

Grave of Sarah Bohanan

Some of the other graves however  were substantially bigger and with an unknown story to tell like that of young Sarah Jane Bohanan born in 1873, died in 1979. What is her untold story dying so young? Did she die of smallpox or perhaps malaria or some other disease common to that time which undoubtedly killed many with very limited medical care? Hard to say but very interesting.

Grist mill

Grist mill

Building detail

Building detail2

Note these building details

Actually one of the highlights of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the nearly 80 historic structures, from houses (very basic, rustic cabins really), churches, barns, outbuildings and even a working grist mill. Some sit in their original position and condition, while others have been restored and preserved.








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