Do You Live In A Wilson-Fish State? . . . . And Why You Should Care

According Refugee Resettlement Watch, The Wilson-Fish alternative (so named for its Congressional sponsors) was added in 1984 as an amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act. It is one of several ways which the Federal Government gives funds to eligible refugees. Syrian-Refugee-Crisis

Apparently since the blow-up in Syria due to Obama’s failed foreign policy over the last several years, there is no end to the number of eligible refugees these days. There is even a group of Senators unofficially labeled the Senate Jihad Caucus headed up Senator by Dick Durbin (and  includes our very own Lazy-Mazie Hirono) who are actively urging the Obama administration to up the number and processing of Syrian refugees. Senator Jeff Sessions of the Immigration Sub-committee chairman warns that the Administration plans to resettle nearly 200,000 refugees over the next 2 years!

But back to the Wilson-Fish states. There are currently 12 W-F states:

Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee and Vermont

And what happens is the feds pass off this federal program (originally designed to make refugees less dependent on welfare and public assistance) to non-profit groups which effectively eliminates, any state control of how state tax dollars are spent. The more refugees they take, the more funds they get! . . . . . and the more it costs federal taxpayers and your state. Not to mention completely changing the make-up of our schools & communities. This BTW is another assault on our 10th Amendment (States’ rights).

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