Another Travel Installation – Pumpkins & Everything Apple This Time

As most of my readers (both of them) know, we traveled the Southeast recently hitting several interesting places including The Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the Blue Ridge Mountains. And as I’ve already mentioned we had a lot of good food we don’t generally don’t even get a chance to try here in Hawaii.

On this particular day in Blue Ridge, Georgia it was farm fresh apples and pumpkins. Apparently the North Georgia mountains are a great place to grow apples because everywhere we went in this area we saw signs (everything from hand-scribed roadside signs to the great big billboards) enticing you to turn in and try some apples, apple butter, apple cider, fried apple pies, apple fritters, pies and candy apples among other delicious items made right there on site. Yum!apples

And what a good idea that turned to be! Mercier Orchards is a family owned (fourth generation), 300 acre slice of paradise. They also let you go into the orchards and pick your own. I’m not sure how many varieties they have but in the barn/store we spotted at least 6 different kinds and bought several to sample. Surprisingly I liked a green one the best, though I must admit to chucking another green one out because it was just too sour. Obviously that must have been a cooking apple. But it’s not just apples they grow. Throughout the year depending on the season they have strawberries (May), blueberries  in June & July and apples August through October and they even have an apple blossom season. I guess you could say they have the marketing down.

And not too far from Mercier Orchards we found a pumpkin farm. Have you ever seen a pale green pumpPumpkinskin or a peach colored pumpkin? I haven’t, but they had scores of them. And of course the usual giant pumpkins for massive Jack ‘o Lanterns are a favorite too. I wish I had one of those big monsters to carve for tomorrow night!

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