Why Is The Left So Mean, Nasty & Crude?

If you don’t agree with the left and their radical activists they are downright hateful!

The video by the Deport Racism group as an anti-Trump message is pure trash, and you have to watch this ~or you won’t believe me.

In another example of the left’s nastiness, the mayor of Houston is upset that the voters (by a wide margin) repealed the city’s anti-discrimination law (Houston’s Equal Right Ordinance HERO). This law was tagged the “bathroom bill” as it allowed transgenders to choose the public bathroom, shower or changing facility they identified with sexually, regardless of their anatomy, and in total disregard for the privacy and safety of other people suing those facilities.

The openly lesbian Democrat Mayor Annise Parker, thrice-elected by the people of Houston now calls those same voters homophobes, tweeting:  “No, actually I called you transphobes, but if the shoe fits…-“

All love & kisses from the Mayor of Houston

All love & kisses from the Mayor of Houston

Voters are now talking recall. This is not the first time Annise Parker has overstepped her bounds. Last May Parker issued subpoenas demanding any sermons from area pastors dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker. You know the lefties are always trying to shut down free speech and would love to repeal the First Amendment.

Then there’s the disturbing rise in gay sex assaults. Military gay rape has increased every year since the ban ended. Most of the victims of gay rape are straight men. And it’s not just the military, according to the Washington Blade a man was recently kidnapped and raped at gunpoint by at least 6 men. Police say this is the second time in less than a year that an adult male has been gang-raped by a group of men in Washington D.C.

The activists on the left as I said are mean and nasty and the popular culture dominated by the libs in Hollywood and in Democratic politics is encouraging this whether they admit it or not.

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