Jimmy Carter (the one who looks good compared to Obama) Banned Muslims from Iran During Iranian Hostage Crisis

You may not remember, or maybe you’re just too young, but in 1980 President Jimmy Carter did exactly what the Donald has proposed in banning all Muslims from entry into the United States. Carter broke diplomatic relations with Iran & gave the boot to all Iranian diplomats giving them 24 hours to get out.  He shut off all immigration from Iran stating “we had entered a new and significant dimension in the hostage crisis”.

President Carter was a big weenie so for him to take these steps you know things were serious. Unfortunately Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian militants already had Carter’s number and did not bat an eye in response to Carter’s bluster -he’d already shown his true colors just as Obama has starting with his imaginary red line in Syria. The hostages weren’t released until the day of Ronald Reagan’s inauguration. They had Reagan’s number too!

My point is Donald Trump saying he would stop all Muslim immigration until our representatives figure out what is going on is neither unconstitutional, illegal (learn about the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1952), or uncalled for. It most certainly is called for, in fact the left & RINOS have been screaming for comprehensive immigration reform. Let’s give it to them. STOP ALL IMMIGRATION until they come up with a plan that will keep Americans safe! And by the way constitutional rights do not extend to foreigners outside the country despite the fact that Obama & his previous partner in crime Erdick Holder, extended those rights all the time for gitmo detainees.

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