Governors Bypassed; Mayors & Non-profits Getting Pay-off to Receive Muslim “Refugees”

UPS denies it, but it’s happening. UPS has converted a number of jets from cargo carriers to charter passenger carriers and has been sneaking Middle East refugees into small regional airports in the dark of night, away from prying eyes.

Local mayors and religious organizations are on board because they’re getting tax money (our hard earned money). Governors are bypassed because most of them do not want unvetted Middle Eastern refugees unloaded into their states as most of them will immediately go on public services overtaxing the schools & hospitals. These migrant refugees generally do not and will not assimilate into our American culture, and they are a huge security risk.

In the first 5 years of the Obama Administration over 660,000 refugees from predominately Middle Eastern countries have received US green cards. The 10,000 number being batted around and the so-called ‘pause’ on refugee entry is all smoke and mirrors. The Obama administration has already allowed far more than that number and there doesn’t seem to be any let up.

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