New Year’s Wish For America, Part 1

This is a re-blog from Pamela Geller is President & Executive Director of American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and sponsor of the Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest. The re-blog below is by AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish. Darwish by the way, would have brought my count of moderate Muslims who do not agree with violent jihad to five, but she is a former Muslim (born in Egypt, but now an American citizen) and a strong critic of Islam. Now they

Here is her New Year’s Wish For America, Part 1.

I wish Americans would stop using the word “racist”. It is hostile, offensive, meaningless and vulgar. It is similar to the Islamic word “kafir” or infidel, designed to degrade and silence speech.

I wish America would not shy away from teaching that all cultures and religions are not equal, especially in their adherence to values of human rights and individual freedoms.

I wish America would reject any religion or ideology that commands the killing of apostates or members who leave it; such is not a religion, but a dangerous cult that must never be given equal treatment and respect with Biblical-based faiths.

I wish the US mainstream media would have the self-discipline to stop competing with politicians over steering the direction of government and would get back to reporting on government, culture, society, individuals, trends or whatever.

I wish Americans would aspire for equality of opportunity and not for equality of results. Aspiring for equality of results will always be a losing battle. The world was never designed for equality, and even babies at birth are not all born equally healthy, with the same good/bad parents, same abilities, talent or genes. So politicians who advocate equality of results need to be reminded of the good old Serenity Prayer to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.

I wish Americans would encourage and train their sons and daughters to value marriage, having babies, and family.

I wish American politicians would give up on relying on “moderate Muslims” and “moderate Muslim governments” to help destroy ISIS. Moderate Muslims have learned to live with Islam as enablers and defenders, and have lost the battle with reforming Islam long ago.

I wish that American politicians and media would broadcast the daily threats and reckless statements by Muslim religious and political leaders, the same way they report on Christian and Jewish leaders. It would be great if the West held the Islamic educational system responsible for incitement to commit terror.

Click here to see Part 2. Have a Happy & safe New Year.

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