What A Gun-Control Utopia Looks Like

Ah yes, “common sense gun control”. Who doesn’t want that? Well like it or not, it’s a done deal at least until a new president takes a ‘Mr. Clean Magic Eraser‘ to President Obama illegal, unconstitutional executive orders, as Trump & Cruz have promised to do. But here’s the reality to these common sense gun control measures just enacted.

You might think if the President were really concerned about our safety he would secure the border. You might also think if he were serious he would stop releasing ‘gun felon’ offenders out of prison. You might think if he were serious the Justice Dept would enforce gun laws on the books instead of supplying guns to criminals and drug dealers in Mexico as they did in Fast & Furious. Or you might think the Obama administration would shut down the porous Visa program in which 40% of the people granted visas to enter the U.S. overstay and are never accounted for. Or you may think the left-tards would not be so ignorant as to let thousands of Middle Eastern refugees into the country when the FBI Director James Comey flat-out admits thorough background checks are impossible on these people.

Does this sound like a man who is serious about making Americans safer? Not no, but hell no!

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One Response to What A Gun-Control Utopia Looks Like

  1. Olive Hill says:

    Yeah, what a scam artist !!!!!

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