What Aren’t They Offended About?

File this under more Muslim accommodation. It never ends. Now Muslims are offended at the Swiss national flag. They want it changed. To them it’s a Christian symbol and of course to Muslims, it’s ‘convert or die’. They do not care about or respect the customs or history of any other country or people.

switzerlands_national_flagThe Swiss Cross, as it is often called by the native population, is a generalization of the coat of arms of canton Schwyz, one of the three founding members of the Swiss confederation back in 1291. The proposal to change the Swiss flag has been met with outrage across the political spectrum and is sure to fuel anti-immigrant sentiments in Switzerland because everyone knows the Swiss are bigots and haters especially toward people who they’ve opened their country to. Ha! This Swiss member of Parliament has had enough (turn the sound down and read the translation).

Sylvia Flückiger a councillor with the conservative Swiss People’s Party (SVP) said the demands are: 

“Totally unacceptable. With our Swiss flag there is nothing to change. The next thing you know, they will demand even more, that we change our constitution.”

And wanting Sharia law, and they’ll expect to be given breaks during the workday to pray to Allah and on and on. Do you think America will learn from what is happening in Europe or are we destined to continue down this same path?

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