Ethanol Is Obamacare On A Smaller Scale But It’s Still Statism And Trump Has Shown His Hand

Corn subsidiesWhen the centralized government forces us to buy health insurance even especially when it’s an inferior product and costs more that’s statism at its worst. Its top-down concentration of economic control in the hands of a highly centralized government which picks winners and losers for the handouts received. The federal government costs a lot and delivers very little.

The ACA regulations and mandates (not to mention the goon squad IRS agents hired to enforce them) have hog-tied our healthcare system since Obamacare was passed. As always an inferior product forced on us sucks revenue from a limited pool of resources. That’s why Medicare costs have gone up substantially and it’s why doctors are leaving medicine entirely.

Donald Trump has sailed to the top of the polls and pretty much stayed there by being the outsider. And we love him because he’s unafraid to say anything. He doesn’t mince words and he’s said what a lot of what we scream at our own teevee sets. But he’s just played his hand in Iowa as a crony capitalist by pandering to the ethanol lobby.

In fact Trump said Tuesday that federal regulators should increase the amount of ethanol blended into the nation’s gasoline supply. Ethanol like Obamacare has been forced on us to enrich a small number of favored constituents/corporatists (in this case corn farmers and the ethanol lobby) and if Trump is the anti-establishment guy he’s putting out there, this is anything but. Here’s why (from Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review):

  •   40% of the corn crop goes into ethanol, raising food and fuel costs for all of us
  •   Ethanol is really bad for cars, boats, lawnmowers and any other gasoline engine
  •   The energy independence argument doesn’t hold water now with US oil production & the global price of oil
  •   Tax credits between 1978 and 2012 cost the Treasury (you & me) as much as $40 billion
  •   Ethanol is not a green fuel,it takes about 29 percent more energy to refine a gallon of ethanol than gasoline

It’s corporate welfare, pure and simple Donald. Keep your eye on this guy before you go ‘all in’ because he may be a deal-maker but isn’t that kinda what we’re sick of in Washington? YES IT IS!

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