Applaud Donald Trump For Elevating the Conversation, But If It’s A Conservative You Want, It Is Not Trump

Look I get it. Trump brought up the illegal immigration issue first and often and for that we owe him a lot. He’s also unafraid to give the middle finger to political correctness, and he’s blown Hillary’s primary campaign issue (“I’m the great protector of women”) to smithereens, but please don’t be fooled into thinking he’s conservative!

I have not read the National Review article against Trump, but I have my own reasons for looking askance at Trump’s conservative bona fides. And no, it’s not his hair, so risking that you’ve heard all of this and simply do not care (he could shoot someone and he still wouldn’t lose voters) here I go:Donald trumps hair

  • As recently as 2013 Trump donated $50,000 to Mitch McConnell not to make Congress work again or anything noble like that, no, he donated $50K to help McConnell defeat Tea Party candidate, Matt Bevin (recently elected as governor of Kentucky) running against McConnell for his Senate re-election.
  • Trump believes eminent domain is okay for private developers to take private property from individuals.
  • He was for the auto and bank bailouts -thought they should have been bigger!
  • Trying to disqualify Ted Cruz on his citizenship is total bullcrap and Alinsky (Rules for Radicals) all the way. His constant personal attacks on everyone is a big character flaw. He’s a narcissist! Haven’t we already had enough of that personality flaw?
  • Trump is against the Federal Govt giving lands back to the States to manage (80% of Nevada is owned by the Federal Government). I guess he’s not so big on the Tenth Amendment. In fact, when is the last time you heard him tout returning to the Constitution? Me, never.
  • And we already know he’s a crony capitalist and not for the free market or he couldn’t say what he has about ethanol.
  • We also knows he likes to get his way (or the highway just like Obama) as demonstrated by his pulling out of the next scheduled GOP debate because he was not successful in having Megyn Kelly removed as moderator.
  • Too many of his positions have changed in too short a time. No way is this guy a conservative, he’s a spoiled brat.

Vote your values this election and take a close look at Donald Trump’s values because you may find he more a cult of personality than anything else.

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