The Elites Get A Taste Of What They’re Pushing On Us.

We’re not pleased that Congress cannot even pass a law pausing our refugee program after the head of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have said it’s impossible to vet refugees from the Middle East. The Germans are realizing Angela Merkel has sold them down the river. In Sweden Alexandra Mezher, 22, was stabbed to death at the child migrant home where she worked as a social worker. Long-term residents at a Toronto hotel say they’re being evicted on short notice (one day!) to make room for an influx of Syrian refugees.

Well not everbody is taking it sitting down. The Swedes have come up with a creative way to dish it back in the faces of the elite government types pushing this multiculturalism on us. Blasting the Muslim call to prayer at 6 AM in the elite neighborhoods where these people are normally immune to having to brush elbows with the Muslim refugees they opened their arms to.

We need to see a lot more of this pushback everywhere the Western world is being invaded!

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One Response to The Elites Get A Taste Of What They’re Pushing On Us.

  1. Mike S Goodman says:

    WHO was that woman in the house? She didn’t sound in the least bit Swedish to me!

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