Do You Believe Washington DC Is Disfunctional? . . . . . Hail Yes! A Hundred Percent.

Who could argue this? Okay maybe some of the mental giants feeling the Bern for Bernie the socialist, Sanders, but a normal thinking human being cannot deny it. Washington has been broken for years, but the funny thing is the Founders anticipated this and gave us an out.

This out is contained in the Constitution under Article V.  This provision of the Constitution provides for the methods of amending the Constitution. The important part for the purpose of limiting the Federal Government (making it functional again) I like to call ‘Part B’ of Article 5. Part A requires two thirds of both houses of Congress to propose amendments, but we all know Congress is never going to limit themselves. Article 5, Part B lets the States do it.

The Founders feared more than anything else an over-powerful, centralized Federal Govt and so left Part B to us. That’s the part where the State Legislatures get to decide to amend the Constitution. Congress doesn’t get to take part. It’s up to the States and the people of the states. Join the movement here today!

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