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This is reblogged from The Diplomad. W. Lewis Amselem, long time US Foreign Service Officer; now retired; served all over the world and under all sorts of conditions. Amselem believes the State Dept needs to be slashed & reformed so that it will no longer pose a threat to the national interests of the United States.

Madness On GITMOBergdhal trade

It seems your president is out to secure his “legacy” achievements regardless of the cost to our nation. His past achievements include, of course, unprecedented debt and unemployment; disastrous Obamacare; relentless promotion of gay marriage; “ending” wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; “democratization” of Libya; recognition of the vile and putrid Castro dictatorship; surrender to Iran’s ayatollahs; gutting our military; destruction of what remained of our immigration system and laws; exacerbating racial tensions to a level not seen in decades–and, of course, winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Those, of course, are just some of the more successful ones. He also sought to bring down the second amendment through his murderous “Fast and Furious” operation; install the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; and sell-out Israel. Is there nothing this man can’t or attempt to do in his ceaseless drive to undermine the USA and the West? Will he try for yet another laurel for his legacy?

The answer is . . . yes, but you knew that. Maybe another Nobel is in the offing?

In the waning days of his calamitous reign, The One now seeks to empty and close the prison in Guantanamo Bay. Why? Ah, yes, because it serves as a recruitment tool for the Islamic crazies that besiege us from Sydney to San Bernardino to Boston to New York to London to Madrid to Paris to Berlin to Moscow to Jerusalem to, to, to etcetera, etcetera, etcetera . . .  And the evidence for that assertion? Uh, well, how about nowhere to be found? Now, I have to say that we cannot blame this fallacious train of thought entirely on Obama-Clinton-Kerry. Under George W. Bush, let’s remember, a pretty good president most of the time, we began to hear this tale about Guantanamo serving as a recruiting device for Al Qaeda and the other Islamic gangsters of the world. Sen McCain (of course) was one of the propagators of this line and a leader in calls to close Gitmo. Bush lamely went along, and said it would be a good thing to close the facility.

There, of course, is zero evidence that Guantanamo serves as a recruiting device for ISIS and other Islamic terror organizations. The only ones who repeat that silly line are the doyens of the Western media, and assorted progressive politicians in the West. The stories about torture of prisoners at Gitmo are rubbish put out by the terrorists’ lawyers (yes, they have lawyers) and by anti-American politicians and commentators. I have been to Gitmo twice; I visited the prison there and talked to guards and the ICRC rep based there–yes, the Red Cross has a person based there. The prisoners are nasty sorts who threaten the guards, try to find out their names and then use the lefty lawyers to harass the guards’ families back in the States. When I was there none of the guards had his or her name on his or her uniform; they had strict orders not to engage the prisoners in any sort of conversation. The Gitmo prison facility is much nicer and more pleasant than what you will find in a typical high security prison anywhere in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, or, ahem, Russia or China. It is an escape-proof facility–an escapee has nowhere to go, as even Raul Castro has vowed to return any escapee to US custody. It is the ideal prison for the sort of bastards who got picked up in GWOT.

Leave Gitmo open.

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  1. Olive Hill says:

    Yeah,I would happily join Mr. Anselem in giving Obummer recommendations for his next job with GE selling freezers in Antarctica!

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