Why Of All People Should Anyone Listen To Romney . . . . or Crispy Cream Christy For That Matter?

Romney should have easily won the election in 2012, okay, except for maybe the fact that it was he who fathered Obamacare. Even so, at that point it should have been a lay-up for Mitt, but he was too much of a wimp. I guess the establishment had to put someone up to try to counter Trump’s invincibility and Romney’s got a likeable face. Where was Mitt’s outrage and anger against Obama when it counted? No where to be found.

Romney-Christy losers


Trump is not my favored candidate, that would be Cruz, but I detest what the GOP is trying to do to the process. It just shows that the party bosses could give a rat’s behind about what the voters want from the party. They are only interested in maintaining their control and power over the GOP and the electorate.

And the really sick thing is some of these establishment RINOs would actually rather Hillary were elected than Trump and they’d aid and abet that process. Just look at the inquisition led by Megyn Kelly at Fox in the Detroit debate. Why Killary over Trump? Well she’s one of them, as corrupt as they are. She’d play the game and even though they’d lose the presidency, they’d still keep the power & perks so deserved by the ruling elite.

And Chris Christy, well he just wants a j-o-b because he knows his days in NJ politics are over. He has lied too comfortably and for too long. Oh sure I know they all lie, but Christy says things so matter-of-factly that you believe that he is a strong gun rights advocate (not so), or that nobody would be more fierce against terrorists even though he appointed a longtime mouthpiece for radical Islamist, Sohail Mohammed to be a State judge, but Christie has also turned a blind eye to the activities of one of Mohammed’s clients – radical imam Mohammed Qatanani, head of one of New Jersey’s largest mosques.

Christy & Romney are both losers! I’m sorry Ann Coulter I know you love them both (though at different times), but now she loves Trump.

Bottom line, the Republican Party has lied to too many people for too long. They’ve lost the party’s base while shining their own shoes over and over again.

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One Response to Why Of All People Should Anyone Listen To Romney . . . . or Crispy Cream Christy For That Matter?

  1. David Block says:

    Best well put “article” I’ve read about Romney’s “stupid” comments. Not sure who I’ll vote for, but I did vote for Romney, that could have been a mistake!

    Like your Article!

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