FBI Director Feeling The Heat

No, it’s not just Bernie Sanders’ fans feeling the Bern. There’s a lot of heat coming down on James Comey, the FBI Director chiefly because he is one of the few in Washington D.C. with any affinity for the rule of law. It’s making things uncomfortable for him as he refuses to go along with the program.comey

Let’s face it a guy who has threatened to resign over principle -Wow! Director Comey finds himself on the wrong side with that slime-fest over at the White House on several issues.

One:  Silicon Valley elites are huge supporters of and donors to the Democrats so when a legitimate national security issue comes up where they actually got a specific warrant to crack the San Bernardino terrorist’s phone the White House is not real keen to rock that boat.

Two:  Comey quite rightly connects increased crime with the ‘Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement which former Attorney General Holder and President Obama slobber over. His assertion 3 times in a speech in Chicago that all lives matter and making an explicit argument for aggressive policing as a means of reducing crime, Obama meanwhile is bloviating about fairness in policing.

Three:  The split over Clinton’s email server is the biggie according to The Hill. It is the most politically charged issue facing the FBI, with nothing less than the race for the White House potentially at stake. Obama has opined publically that no national security breach has occurred with Hillary’s basement server despite the fact that we now know hundreds of emails on it contained classified information. Attorney General Loretta Lynch answered Fox’s Bret Baier with non-answers as she dodged when he asked her if the American public deserved to know the truth about the emails. She answered:

“There is no double standard on this or any other matter being handled by the Department of Justice.”

Really? What about the IRS scandal that went nowhere despite overwhelming proof that Obama used the dept. to go after conservatives and religious groups. Hey, just plead the 5th and go into early retirement. Then there was all the stalling on Fast ‘n Furious FOIA requests -just to name a couple.

But now that the FBI has given a Clinton State Dept. aide immunity we may be getting somewhere. Maybe not, but still I like this guy Comey.

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