Watch This Video If You Can. I Could Not

I barely made it 2 minutes, but you must watch enough to get the full impact of how sick and savage these people are. I’m talking about the Halal method of preparing meat for the Muslim market. If you’ve never seen the way Muslims slaughter animals according to Islamic law (hat-tip, you need to see this ~at least as much as you have the stomach for.

And here are some of the retailers & brands who happily sell Halal foods:

  •   Walmart (77 locations in 11 states under the brand “Crescent Foods”)
  •   McDonald’s (Halal McNuggets, beef)
  •   Whole Foods
  •   KFC (Original & Crispy)
  •   Outback Steakhouse
  •   COSTCO (Lamb & Porterhouse Chops)
  •   Campbell’s Soup
  •   Subway
  •   Cadbury (Chocolate Easter bunnies -wot? Muslims celebrating Christian a holiday)

Is everything about the money? Where is PETA on this????

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